Sara grew up in a small town of Ohio near the Old Man's Cave State Park (if you've never been there, google it... then go there!), before moving to Colorado, then back to Cincinnati, Ohio to finish a biology degree.  Upon graduating, she immediately moved to Nashville, TN but it wasn't long before she was once again brought back to Ohio where she met her husband, Manning, and soon after dating moved to Nevada, Kentucky, and finally landed in West Virginia.  He had grown up in northern Alaska, but had lived in Oregon, California, Illinois, Ohio......... am I forgetting any?
So they were both a little surprised when not only did they move to West Virginia but they decided to settle in and now have 2 children, Porter (5) and Brooks (8 months) to chase after.  Moving so much has it's benefits and they were really able to adapt to the culture in Bridgeport, WV.  Sara and Manning both enjoy hiking, kayaking, and crossfit.......... well Sara hopes to get back to it once the baby sleeps (even sleeps a little).
Another common interest is food.  Not just eating, but hunting, preparing, and serving food.

After discovering the paleo diet, the family was hooked.  Even Porter refers to bread as "bird food".  She also knows that sugar is "not good for your body and really slows you down".  And there is no slowing these kids down!
Their passion for eating food that is prepared from locally sourced vegetables, grass-fed meat, nuts, and some occasional fruit has become part of their lifestyle.
They hope that you can enjoy these hearty, rustic dishes and light healthy treats as much as they do! 

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"  Hippocrates, 460 B.C.

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